Camphora Company: Evergreen SEO

More and more people are jumping on their phones and computers into Google to solve their problems.  Without an online marketing plan, your local small business could be left in the dust.

While Google and the internet has been around for a while, small business owners have been late to the game. There’s huge opportunity and large untapped search terms that many of your competitors haven’t capitalized on yet.

What Makes Camphora Different

  • There’s no “gaming the system” or “new customer at any cost”. Your online reputation is important and essential for maintaining your competitive advantage
  • Focus on building lasting (evergreen), pillar-stone content assets with staying power through the ever changing online world, because they are valuable
  • Less SEO jargon, more results— new leads and revenue for your small business

SEO Content Results: From 0 views to 1 Million

Here’s the results from using a focused, customer value-add and problem solving SEO strategy. Most of the posts retained their Google ranks as new content efforts decreased from 1x per week to about 1x per month:

SEO on iTunes: From 0 Downloads to 1 Million

Profitable Traffic in the Information Product Space

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