Camphora Company Durham Office

Camphora Company, Inc has just moved into its new office in Durham, NC. Call Andrew at 919-424-1929 to set-up an appointment, or you can email me at The address:

110 Corcoran St #500, Durham, NC 27701

Durham Office Directions

The office is inside the same building as the One City Center apartments. Here’s what the front of the building looks like from Corcoran Street:

As you enter the building, go to the elevators to the right of the front desk. You don’t need a key card to request an elevator to the 5th floor. At the 5th floor receptionist desk, ask for Andrew from Camphora.

Parking Directions

You can get validated parking by using the Corcoran Street Garage across the street (on the other side of W Main St) from the office.

To get to this parking garage, turn left on Corcoran St from W Main St (if you’re going west on W Main St from the Jackie Robinson Drive exit from 147. The intersection to make a left on looks like this:

Here’s what the front of the Corcoran parking garage looks like:

Once parked, walk down Corcoran towards W Main St, cross the street, and look for the front of the office building pictured above. Thanks!