Durham, NC

Camphora Company Durham Office

Camphora Company, Inc has just moved into its new office in Durham, NC. Call Andrew at 919-424-1929 to set-up an appointment, or you can email me at andrew@camphoracompany.com. The address:

110 Corcoran St #500, Durham, NC 27701

Durham Office Directions

The office is inside the same building as the One City Center apartments. Here’s what the front of the building looks like from Corcoran Street:

As you enter the building, go to the elevators to the right of the front desk. You don’t need a key card to request an elevator to the 5th floor. At the 5th floor receptionist desk, ask for Andrew from Camphora.

Parking Directions

You can get validated parking by using the Corcoran Street Garage across the street (on the other side of W Main St) from the office.

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5 SEO Strategy Tips for the Local Small Business

As technology grows, Durham SEO and small business is on the rise. According to CNBC, the number of Millennials are multiplying in cities like Durham.

Even if you aren’t building an online presence, competitors around you are—and it’s the businesses and startups that start their local SEO strategy now that will reap the results over the long term.

local durham SEO

Whether you’re looking to hire a local SEO company in Durham or not, hopefully these 5 local SEO tips can help point you in the right direction towards improving your business’s online presence.

SEO TIP #1: Give them what they want

When most people type a search into Google, they have a problem that they are looking to solve. It’s your business’s job to solve that problem.

But, you also need to solve their problem now before you really solve it later.

A person searching wants to know that you are qualified to solve their problem, and it’s your website that will tell them whether that’s true or not.

Say you’re a dentist targeting a local Durham SEO type-strategy.

A person with a toothache might understand that they’ll probably need to see a dentist at some point, but maybe they just want to get a grasp of how potentially urgent this is.

By describing some of their symptoms in Google, they could land on your site, and if you have the right content to guide them through so they get a sense of what they need to do next, they’ll see your dentist practice as the next natural solution.

SEO TIP #2: When competitors Zig, you Zag

Which brings me to the second point. Most local SEO strategies think too broad, such as targeting searches like “durham dentists”, and don’t try and target the keyword searches not occupied much by the local competition, like “why does my tooth ache”.

What gets lost is the fact you need to build your entire website.

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