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I Love Raleigh – Charity Event Highlight

If you look hard enough, you’ll see that there’s so many great things happening in the community of Raleigh through non profits and charities. In a place that has been so hospitable to this transplant, it’s nice to be a part of giving some hospitality back– and this page tries to highlight some of the great events that are happening in the area.

May 2019: NAMI 5k Walk for Mental Illness

NAMI stands for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and is the biggest grassroots organization trying to improve the mental health situation of many people across the country. According to NAMI, 1 out of every 5 adults experience mental illness at some point of their lives… and this non-profit is raising millions per year to combat it.

nami walk raleigh 2019

To help raise money for the North Carolina branch of NAMI, the NAMIWalk 5k was hosted at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, NC on May 18th, 2019. During the walk, donations were made to push the total donations over the goal of $145,000!!

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Takeaways from the 2019 Raleigh SEO Conference

Well, I just got home from the Raleigh SEO Conference for 2019 and let me say I was just blown away. The speakers and panelists were amazingly generous with their knowledge about what’s working for digital marketing both on the content side and the technical SEO side.

raleigh seo conference badge 2019

Based on the other people I talked to who happened to sit next to me, they took away a lot from this conference as well, and had some insight of their own to add.

Interviews from Attendees

Taylor Rasmus runs social media for the company she works for in Raleigh and said she’s getting a lot of traction on Facebook in 2019 by creating unique, shareable memes that encourage engagement.

A technical SEO working for a company in Apex NC said that the focus for website optimization should be heavy on mobile page speed as was discussed in one of the conference tracks.

Anthony Welch, who also works with SEO at his company, said his favorite part of the 2019 Raleigh SEO Conference was all of the creative ways that people are thinking outside of the box with SEO today and how much was shared.

Frank Jones from OptSus Marketing did a great job at organizing 2 separate tracks so that attendees could pick and choose the topics that most interested them. Obviously I could only be at 1 place at a time, but I’ve added my takeaways from each session I attended below.

Session #1: Common SEO Mistakes

This was an excellent discussion to start the day including Jake Bohall @jakebohall, Candice Lyna @candicelyna, and Karl Sakas @KarlSakas.

One of the first things mentioned that resonated alot with me was this idea that chasing the money is a huge potential mistake. I love that long term focus as it aligns with how I like to approach marketing and SEO.

Some other mistakes that these experts have observed over the years include:

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Evaluate Your Local SEO Strategy by Asking These 3 Questions

Whether you’re looking to hire a Raleigh local SEO as a small business in the area or just want to know more about what local SEO is, I’ve made this guide to educate you about how a local SEO can help your business in the North Carolina Triangle area attract qualified customers.

small business

How you evaluate your local SEO strategy or determine whether you should start one depends on how you answer the following 3 questions:

  1. How can I determine if SEO makes sense for my local small business?
  2. What makes local SEO different from regular SEO?
  3. How is local SEO in Raleigh different from other places?

As an SEO consultant who built a lead generation website from 0 to tens of thousands of views per month, I have a good sense of what works to bring eventual customers online and what doesn’t.

While not one answer to these questions will determine if you should have a local SEO strategy or not, each should play a big factor and help you make the ultimate decision for your own business.

While anyone can build traffic, it takes a smart approach to funnel website searchers into actual revenue for your local small business—and understand it’s all about ROI.

In fact, I personally don’t take on local SEO clients unless I feel there will be positive ROI.

By doing some legwork upfront, you should be able to determine whether a local SEO strategy would be a wasteful part of a local marketing budget, or if it wouldn’t be a waste… where and how you should focus your resources.

Let’s get to it.

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