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What is Camphora Company all about?

Camphora Company is a local SEO company located in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. The mission of the company is to connect valued customers with the clients who best fulfill and solve their pressing needs.

The businesses who rise to the top are those who provide the most customer-focused products and services, and a business’s online website should not be any different.

In a world, especially on the internet, where the modus operandi is take, take, take– Camphora Company strives to serve clients and their customers with a give-first mentality, because this leads to the most prosperity over the long term for everyone involved.

Why Hire Camphora Company?

There are many local SEO companies you could hire in the Raleigh-Durham area, but what makes Camphora different is the focus on evergreen, sustainable marketing assets– ones that provide long lasting income by serving your customers in the ways they want to be served.

Potential customers and leads come to a website to solve a problem, and it’s the responsibility of not only your business but also of your website to solve their problem.

Someone turning up a search on Google or Bing wants more information on how to solve their pressing need, and want to know that you are the person or small business who can best do that.

By structuring your website with the heart of a teacher, you can show these potential customers that you are that person for them. Oftentimes this is a realization that the customer makes unconsciously, but somewhere along the process you need the customer to know, like, and trust you, and be confident in your abilities to solve their problem. Your website SHOULD help with this, not detract from this like many still do even today.

Modern SEO Marketing is not impossible…

One of the biggest misconceptions, especially among small business owners looking to build their local SEO strategy, is that the internet is so big and there’s too many big players that it’s impossible for their small shop to rank high for the most profitable searches in their industry.

This is simply not the case. 

I’ve been competing against some of the biggest companies in the financial publishing space for years, and consistently rank up there with them (with a small 1-3 person writing team), simply by caring about the reader and potential customers.

This does so much more in Google’s eyes than people realize, because Google is on your side. Google wants you to give that caring and service-first attitude on your website, because they know that’s why people trust their search engine in the first place. 

When you have the most thoughtful and personal content on your website, the chances are high that your business has the same type of customer serving mentality too, and your SEO company should be able to present that to the audiences online.

thoughtful seo help

That’s what Camphora Company does, and does as a complete full service for you– writing the content, researching the data, and structuring your page.

With the mission statement comes a personal attention to detail and service, regular check-ins and meetings so that I REALLY get to know your business and how to best service your best customers and clients. 

Putting people first never goes out of style…

And that’s what makes this type of digital marketing evergreen.