5 SEO Strategy Tips for the Local Small Business

As technology grows, Durham SEO and small business is on the rise. According to CNBC, the number of Millennials are multiplying in cities like Durham.

Even if you aren’t building an online presence, competitors around you are—and it’s the businesses and startups that start their local SEO strategy now that will reap the results over the long term.

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Whether you’re looking to hire a local SEO company in Durham or not, hopefully these 5 local SEO tips can help point you in the right direction towards improving your business’s online presence.

SEO TIP #1: Give them what they want

When most people type a search into Google, they have a problem that they are looking to solve. It’s your business’s job to solve that problem.

But, you also need to solve their problem now before you really solve it later.

A person searching wants to know that you are qualified to solve their problem, and it’s your website that will tell them whether that’s true or not.

Say you’re a dentist targeting a local Durham SEO type-strategy.

A person with a toothache might understand that they’ll probably need to see a dentist at some point, but maybe they just want to get a grasp of how potentially urgent this is.

By describing some of their symptoms in Google, they could land on your site, and if you have the right content to guide them through so they get a sense of what they need to do next, they’ll see your dentist practice as the next natural solution.

SEO TIP #2: When competitors Zig, you Zag

Which brings me to the second point. Most local SEO strategies think too broad, such as targeting searches like “durham dentists”, and don’t try and target the keyword searches not occupied much by the local competition, like “why does my tooth ache”.

What gets lost is the fact you need to build your entire website.

Targeting keyword searches that might not have obvious immediate payoff can bring valuable credibility to your website in the eyes of Google and Bing.

If you can prove that your entire website is a helpful resource that solves other people’s problems (like your business should be), then you’ll build the trust of the search engines, and that will help all of your rankings across the board.

By having many helpful pages covering a wide array of topics in your industry, you can not only position yourself as the expert in your field but also give your entire website a boost, which will naturally raise the rankings on your more profitable keywords—like any that include local location words like Durham or the Triangle.

SEO TIP #3: Go to where the fish are

No local SEO strategy is complete without utilizing some of the most popular tools that are online already. When you’re fishing and not catching fish, it’s probably not the fishes’ fault… you’re probably fishing down the wrong hole.

Go where the fish—your potential customers—like to hang out.

If you’re any sort of business with a physical address, you NEED to be on Google Maps. For one, your Google Maps page will show up on Google searches. There’s a free tool called Google My Business that can help you set that up, and any good local SEO company should be able to help you optimize that.

You also should have a profile on Yelp, and be making an effort to ask for reviews and do what you can to keep positive feedback high. In that same light, you should also be asking for Google reviews—as this can become another decision maker for the person looking up your business on Google Maps or Google.

Despite some of the negative backlash around Yelp, it’s still very widely used. It doesn’t hurt you to use it to attract potential customers. As of the end of 2018, Yelp had 33 million monthly app users and 62 million monthly desktop users. In an increasingly technologically savvy demographic like Durham, it’s imperative you have these types of online profiles set-up and optimized.

SEO TIP #4: Use local events to your advantage

This one is not really thought of when it comes to local SEO, but online and offline marketing is an obvious way to amplify each others’ efforts, if it’s done right.

Combine a local event in Durham with your SEO strategy, by using the event to drive people to your website. Instead of just printing your logo on some swag and calling it a day, find a creative way to entice people to visit your website and really find out more about you that way.

As an example, I’ve lived in both Raleigh and Durham, currently live in Raleigh with my main office in Downtown Durham. I went to a local Raleigh event and created a URL called iLoveRal.com, which I promoted at the event at my booth.

The creativity of the URL and the curiosity behind it, combined with the engagement opportunity for people once they visited the website, helped my message get that much farther and be seen by many more people.  

SEO TIP #5: Speed up your website

This is a quick win for your digital marketing strategy that any good SEO company should be able to get you massive results with.

In the same way that the search engines want your business website to solve the potential customer’s problem, they want that process to be as seamless for the website visitor as possible.

It’s no big secret that having a faster website helps your rankings across the board, and it only makes sense to implement it.

People are impatient these days, as a study from Microsoft reported that attention spans are at an average of 8 seconds now. A fast website is more of the rule rather than the exception in the online world.

What do all of these Durham SEO tips have in common?

Other than being tips for businesses in the bull city, these tips all focus on the customer/ user experience.

You put yourself in their shoes and treat them how they want to be treated, and it elicits good feelings in the people who go through the process. It might seem ridiculous, but the search engines like Google and Bing have ways to track the user experience with various metrics, based on how the user behaves on the website.

They use that data to establish high rankings in their algorithm, and that’s why each of these 5 local SEO tips are so important.

If you’d like to talk about your specific Durham SEO needs with me, I’d love to hear from you. Give me a call on my cell: 919-424-1929.

I have other helpful content on this website, and if you’re wanting to learn more about me, the company, and our mission, you can view that here.